WMS Management

The most affordable and functional Warehouse solution
for SAP ® Business One.
End to End Process

Is the basis for all other warehouse activities. It is important to receive products correctly in order to handle them appropriately for put-away

Directed Put aways

Direct the user to store the items or pallet to he best possible location

Picking / Packing / Shipping

Get your information right. When it comes to picking, packing, and shipping, the aim is to provide your warehouse pickers with the information they need for maximum efficiency. 

Cycle Count

Perform directed cycle count to maintain inventory up to date

WMS Modules
  • Receiving PO, Generic, Transfers, Production, Pallets
  • Put Away Massive Pallet, Cross Docking, Replenishment
  • Picking From Sales Order, Pick List, Prod Order, Transfer Request
  • Pre Packing Packaging per product, capture Weights, Printing labels.
  • Packing Sales Order and AR Invoices, BP Consolidation, Stock Transfers
  • Shipping Picking, Issue, Receiving
  • Inventory Query By Product or Location
  • RMA Returns of goods from customers
  • Bin Among warehouses and bin location
  • Labels By items or Bin Locations
  • Transfers Stock counts by ABC classification, periodic stock counts
  • Inventory Adj. Replenished order when itme reaches mínimum qty
  • Returns Picking from Reception bays
  • Cycle Count Know where is a pallet, move stock and sell it.
WMS Online Demo
Today almost no one doubts that a company must have a warehouse management system in real time. WMS works in real-time, allowing certain operations to directly save costs. The operator does not need to move to get authorization for the next task, nor to confirm actions nor to register any incidents. Cost savings depend on the difference of operation before and after the implementation of a WMS, but for a conventional warehouse, there is widespread criteria of 25 % of direct cost savings in staff. Direct cost savings translate into a reduced need for investment or increased capacity.
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