Route Management System

SAP® Business One Streamline your transportation planning process with RMS.
Is a solution fully integrated to SAP Business One focused on making the best use of your fleet and managing deliveries in the most appropriate way possible to avoid exceeding drivers' hours and truck capacities.
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Introduction to RMS and features
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  • RMS for SAP Business One is a new generation of routing and scheduling software Providing a mobile service built on leading edge route planning and optimization technology, delivered to you in a simple, easy-to-use system in multiple formats
Here you can access to documentation and information about general setting of RMS
Planning and execution of the delivery process
The Routes Management System for SAP Business One is a solution integrating the SAP Business One application with mobile devices.
Designed to assist on the planning and execution of the delivery process. An SAP Add-on creates a new kind of document in SAP to plan routes, where you can combine sales documents to be delivered, assign them to vehicles, and let you calculate the optimized route delivery sequence, for more efficiency, by using Google Maps functionalities. Once you complete the planning from SAP, each route is sent to the vehicle driver's mobile devices, by using the Routes mobile application, and all the information regarding each document and delivery waypoint is immediately available.
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